Sales of vodka, whiskey, rum and other spirits in Russia have decreased by 15% in the last six months. The average bill for imported spirits has dropped to 420 rubles per bottle, for Russians – to 245 rubles per bottle.

Sales of vodka, whiskey and other spirits in Russia fell by 15% in six months

The share of foreign brands of strong alcohol increased from 14.1% to 15%. At the same time, sales of imported rum, gin and skate fell 9.5% in units and 13.4% in monetary terms, RIA Novosti reported with reference to a Kontur.Market study.

At the same time, Russian strong drinks also fell in sales, by 16%, bringing producers 15.4% less revenue.

The range of imported alcohol in the federal networks in June-August decreased by 40% to 95% depending on the category compared to the same period in 2021. In the next three months, their number may decrease by another 40-50% . In this context, the purchase prices of imported alcohol have increased between 27% and 40% since February and 70% for some items.

In August, retailers applied to legalize the parallel importation of various brands of alcohol, including Moet, Veuve Clicqout, Finland, Jack Daniel`s, Hennessy.

“Gray” imports will help preserve the assortment, increase the level of tax and excise collection, and will also be able to prevent the growth of the share of illegal products.

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