The president of the Opora Rossii association, Alexander Kalinin, proposed to extend the moratorium on scheduled and unscheduled business inspections until 2024. The letter was received at the office of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Grigorenko and sent for study to the Ministry of Economy.

Businessmen asked the Government to extend the moratorium on inspections for two years

Authorities still see no need to extend the moratorium and plan to stick to the decision to exempt low-risk companies from inspections, a source told Vedomosti.

This measure is not equivalent to a moratorium, believes Alexander Kalinin. According to him, the risk can always be justified, the resolution only exempts businesses from scheduled inspections, and, for example, in 2021 there were three times more, he recalled.

During the moratorium, the prosecutor’s office monitors its observance and prohibits any inspection. In the current environment, an increased administrative burden can create significant difficulties for businesses. Opora Rossii is convinced that the measure should be implemented only in the form of a moratorium.

In 2016, a moratorium on routine inspections of small businesses was introduced for the first time. It was supposed to end at the end of 2018, but since then the moratorium has been extended several times.

In March 2022, the government introduced a moratorium on business inspections. The ban is valid until the end of 2022. In total, more than 150,000 scheduled inspections will be canceled in a year.

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Source: RB

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