Play Windows games on Mac: all options

These are all the available options for playing any Windows game on Mac.

You can play Windows games on your Mac by following the steps below.

Macs have never been a platform for gaming, and although they’ve gotten better in recent years with the emergence of services like Apple Arcade, Windows is still the number one platform for launching new games. However, what few know, There are several options to play the best Windows games from Macand we will review them all.

training camp

This has been the best way to run games and any other software available for Windows on a Mac for years. Boot Camp is a program created by Apple itself. facilitating the installation of Windows on a partition of our own hard drive. In other words, we would have Windows running natively on our Mac, we could choose whether to start on macOS or Windows.

This way, our Mac’s features are taken full advantage of and Windows runs smoothly and locally. However, we cannot install Windows as none of the Macs with Apple Silicon chips support Boot Camp. So it is a method only compatible with Macs with Intel processors.

training camp

Boot Camp is an application Apple uses to install Windows on a Mac.

To install Windows this way, you must have a downloaded file. Genuine copy of Microsoft operating system and start Boot Camp on Mac by following the steps outlined.

virtual machine

It The slightly easier way to run Windows on Mac and play available games. A virtual machine is an application for which we have an entire operating system that can switch between macOS and a virtual machine in a very simple way.

virtual machine Doesn’t take full advantage of Mac featuresas both operating systems run at the same time, but more than enough for many games like Fall Guys.

Have some virtual machines VirtualBox and Parallels on macOS are the most popular. Also, to be able to play any game on the platform, you will need an official copy of Windows and install it in the virtual machine.

Cloud Gaming: GeForce Now and xCloud

It can faster and easier way to play windows games on mac, but not perfect. The best service right now is GeForce Now, which lets you play any game you download from anywhere in the cloud. However, you need to have a good internet connection, pay for the subscription and a compatible game.

GeForce Now

GeForce Now lets you play hundreds of Windows games from the cloud

Another similar option is xCloud, which lets you play part of the Xbox catalog from anywhere, including your Mac. monthly subscription It allows us to enjoy more than 100 quality games from any device.

cross over

CrossOver is a program that lets you. Run Windows apps on Mac. Although it is compatible with many games, it may not work in all. To use CrossOver, you just need to download it from the official website and install it on your Mac, then run the Windows game through CrossOver.


Wine is a free and open source program that lets you run Windows apps on a Mac, but it’s not as reliable as a virtual machine, Boot Camp or CrossOver. It is an older program and may not work with newer games. To use Wine you need to download and install it and then run the Windows application through Wine.

Source: i Padizate

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