(8) On Saturday, after suffering a cyberattack that still had ramifications in its programming, record TV working with police and experts security to solve hacker attack case. The information was obtained by journalist Ricardo Feltrin – so far the station has not made an official comment on the situation.

According to sources, the company is still Doesn’t know the source of the cyber attack, said it was ransomware and even had suspicions of internal action. While being locked out by cybercriminals who allegedly use data, black cat virusThe information does not provide details about the ransom demand.

Ransomware is a type of malware that is used to lock files and demand a cash ransom, often using cryptocurrencies for payment. Used to invade Record, BlackCat is known as ransomware as a service (RaaS), meaning it was acquired by one or more cybercriminals to carry out the attack on the company.

Hacked data and emails

In addition to blocking some of the station’s programming collection, the hackers responsible for the attack also Stole some internal information from the Record. The ransomware attack allegedly collected employee information as well as financial information from the publisher, such as bank reports and bank statements.

Information released this Monday (10) by unidentified employees also shows that, intranet and Record’s emails were compromised by hackers. Although access to electronic addresses was unstable, cybercriminals would also have obtained confidential information in messages shared by collaborators.

So far, Record has not made an official statement on the matter. Despite the problems, the station’s programs are still on the air.

Source: Tec Mundo

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