The VK Play gaming platform completed beta testing and introduced a major technical update, the creators added a personal account for developers and a chat for gamers.

VK Play playground completed beta testing and introduced updated functionality

The platform with gaming, streaming and a cloud service launched in April and now has new functionality. The platform is available in seven languages, users can now see their achievements in games and compare them with the progress of their friends. Also, a news feed and UGC section have been added to VK Play, allowing you to upload gameplay screenshots and videos. Users also have the opportunity to communicate in a special chat.

According to STO VK Play Rodion Kotelnikov, the platform unites different audiences, from developers to streamers to professional gamers. The creators of the site plan to further expand the functionality and add new content.

Thanks to the update, developers also got access to their personal account, where they can view reports on user actions. In addition, the function of downloading game distributions has appeared. The creators of the site also launched a blog with thematic news and events.

Previously, the company changed the rules for placing games on the site, reducing the commission from 30% to 5%. At the same time, people were also allowed to post their requests.

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