At the end of September, Apple removed VKontakte applications, including VKontakte, from the App Store. VKontakte confirmed their removal, but reported that the assembly was completed.

These are one of the most popular applications in Russia. Only VKontakte emits 100 million people.

Below we will explain what you can do with installed VKontakte applicationsand how not to lose them when buying a new iPhone.

1. Do not delete VKontakte applications

This applies not only to In contact withbut also to other VK applications, among which there are mail and cloud.

If you delete VKontakte applications, you won’t be able to download them again from the App Store. In chapter Purchases they don’t exist either.

All VK applications work stably, including iOS 16.0.2 and iOS 16.1. All functions are working normally. The company claims that the latest versions of apps remain up to date.

The only problem may be related to payments. For example, it is currently not possible to subscribe to VKontakte Music via iOS and buy VKontakte voices.

A subscription to VKontakte Music issued on iOS is valid until the end of the paid period. Then you can pay for it on the VKontakte Music website or on the web version of VKontakte.

You can buy VKontakte votes in the section Payment Services on the social media site. You can also set up autocompletion of votes there.

2. If there is no application, tweet the mobile version of the service

This is true for all VKontakte applications, especially for VKontakte. The social network has long Mobile version of the sitewhich works very fast and supports all the features of the app.

There is certainly a difference between the application and the site, but it is not extremely critical, as the results may be at first glance. All sections load quickly, there are VKontakte mini-applications, the site can change its design depending on the theme system.

For greater convenience, you can move the icon of the VKontakte website and any other VKontakte service to the desktop.

How to add a VKontakte site icon to the iOS desktop

iOS allows you to add as many icons as you like. This is convenient, because you can put the necessary sections on the desktop. For example, I added a messenger and a group.

▪ Open the mobile version of VKontakte
▪ Click on the button Share

▪ Select “On the Home Screen”

▪ At this step, you can change the name that will be under the icon

So using VKontakte and other VKontakte services is inconvenient, because the sites work separately from Safari. As a result of the discovery, there are no extra elements, and the site address and action bar do not contain content.

3. Then back up the app to restore it

This method is suitable if you had to leave your iPhone or you bought a new smartphone. In addition, it works with all VKontakte applications.

Main condition: The app must be installed on your iPhone and downloaded using your Apple ID.

How to restore the VKontakte application on iOS

1️⃣ Download and install the iMazing utility. There are versions for macOS and Windows. After installation, in the welcome window, activate the trial version

2️⃣ iPhone to computer via cable

3️⃣ Click the button in iMazing Application management. The utility prompts you to log in with your Apple ID to view the download from your account

4️⃣ In the section media library application is required. For convenience, you can use the search bar below

5️⃣ Click on the cloud icon to download the application to your computer

6️⃣ After downloading, click on the green button Installto show app on iphone

If you do not have the required application, try to find it from a friend and repeat all the steps, but with his iPhone and Apple ID.

4. Do not install alternative VK clients from the App Store

There are several applications in the App Store that use the VKontakte API or just open the mobile version of the social network.

Such apps should not be used. by the proposal

Firstly, this is unofficial software, so no one can get the safety of personal data. To eliminate the risk of losing confidential information, it is better to use remote applications and VK sites.

The second reason why you should not use third-party clients is that they are all old and have not been updated for a long time. They do not contain many modern VKontakte features and can lead to unstable iOS operation.

5. Do not pay for installing VKontakte applications and other VKontakte services

There are already full ads on the Internet from people who install the VKontakte application or any other app removed from the App Store.

There is no point behind such services, because the working way to get a deleted app back on an iPhone is if you act as a backup activated through iMazing. You can read about how to do this in the capture or here.

You can return the deleted application yourself and free of charge. But even if you don’t have it, chances are your friend has it. In such cases, you can use his iPhone and Apple ID.

6. Turn off auto-delete apps in iOS

By default, iOS responded to apps The feature works invisibly and doesn’t notice which app gets removed.

In addition, if the application is removed from the App Store, then after downloading it from the iPhone, it will not be possible to download it again.

How to open auto-delete apps on iOS

▪ Open Settings → App Store

▪ Scroll down the screen and turn off the toggle switch from the dot Unused

This feature was created to increase free space on smartphones with storage capacity.

The main thing: VK applications continue to work on iOS

The situation with VKontakte applications is not as bad as you might think.

Already installed VKontakte applications continue to work on iOS. It’s not worth worrying about. In the near future they will not be considered, but the latest versions work stably and they do not fix errors.

Do not remove apps from iPhone. But if it happened by chance, then there have always been mobile refugees who do not work older applications.

If you are selling an iPhone, or back up your apps so you can restore them later. Do not be fooled by an ad that promises to return all deleted applications, especially without your presence. Most likely they are scammers.

And no suspicious sites have yet been found that promise to restore VKontakte applications. Moreover, you should not enter valuable data on such resources.

We will definitely inform you when VK returns the applications to the App Store.

Source: Iphones RU

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