An unusual idea of ​​attracting young people to the enterprise was given by the St. Petersburg scientific-specific competition. Together with the steel e-book service LitRes, the company held a science fiction and fantasy literary competition in the style of “technological action”, the main tasks of which are engineers who create the future.

The results of the contest of fantastic rb and engineering achievements called “project of special importance” Participated in the literary competition 463 authors from all over Russia. The works were evaluated by high science fiction writers Sergey Lukyanenko, Vadim Panov, Max Glebov and technologist Andrey Vasiliev, for the political assessment in the plots he followed the team of ZASLON JSC, headed by General Director Alexander Gorbunov. At the end of the 16th anniversary, after the birth and approval of various nominations. The fantasy-detective story by Igor Solovyov “The Fourth Shift” (Moscow) became the winner. A fantastic story about the adventures of a young engineer Mark Smolin, who left off his shift, can be read in the public domain on LitRes, like other 85 works from a long list. In addition, a special collection on LitRes (including some) included 16 short stories by finalists.

Special Value Project

Alexei Yakovlev, Deputy Chairman for Industrial Inspection, Innovation and Trade of St. Petersburg, noted the innovation of the contest ideas for the industrial sector of the region. Within the framework of the awards ceremony, the leaders of the industry and writers held a promising set

“Over the past 10 years, engineering professions have consistently been in the top 10 most in demand. Especially a process engineer – takes 5-6th place in the ranking of the last five years. Prior to this, St. Petersburg lacked technical expertise. In many ways, this can be explained by the need to increase the level of employment of the population of St. Petersburg, the author of the book “Choice Strategy: Profession” Olga Chernaus. – We brought up such a generation, it is important not only to wait for what he realizes here and now, but also to understand that what he does seems to be something big, to the history of the country. Therefore, a “project of special significance” can really play more

“The engineer creates primary material values, based on the coverage of everything else. This is one of the professions, – the general director of ZASLON JSC Alexander was elected. unv – As a businessman and manager who does not get into Russian-language literature, I would like it to be interesting to read, based on the requirements and professional knowledge. In many cases, the pandemic has pushed us to participate in a project that the whole team was able to bring to life, even those who seemed not to match. Our company employs 3,205 people, of whom 743 are engineers, 359 are R&D equipment. Especially now, with the progress of foreign market players, we are faced with ambitious tasks and how

Special Value Project

At the moment, the company has open vacancies for radio engineers, circuit engineers, programmers, as well as production personnel (REAiP installers, MSR fitters, turners, millers, etc.). In 2022, 400 employees will graduate from the release of software adaptations to ZASLON.

“Science Fiction is one of the most popular genres among readers, and among authors who pihihsya on a liter? For three months, while the application for the competition was being accepted, about 10,000 writers visited the project website. By the number of applications for the contest, it can be seen that the ideas voiced by science fiction stories at the beginning of the 20th century have found their embodiment today. “We assume that the authors of the ideas who won the “Project of Special Importance” contest will somehow resonate in our reality years later, thanks to the development of engineering,” said Irina Mamontova, head of the publishing marketing department at LitRes Group.

“I am very pleased that in our time there is a revival of interest in science fiction, in the image of an engineer – a person who deals with technology and creates the future. Now there is a lot of science fiction that is immersed in alternative realities, fantasy-fantastic worlds, but at the same time, science fiction should also be scientific. She must call us to the future, take care of how she will protect our world, not lose interest and pay attention to this, ”wrote Sergei Lukyanenko noted.

According to Headhunter’s online october platform, in September 2022, it was r. Of these, almost 9,000 resumes are from design engineers and design engineers – data on the specialty belong to the top 5 most demanded professions among employers in St. Petersburg, but at the same time they are in short supply in terms of demand for job seekers in the labor market. Lack of socialists, Soguso Statistics of the ServiGGG, poured out in the TT T T T T T T TO PP P to collected all the vacancies of engineers in September 2022.


Engineering Prowess Literature Contest “Project of Special Importance” until March 29 until September 14 September 2 The contest brought together stories about creating a smart technology project that could change the usual world about people managing the discovery of engineering products; about ideas with the help of which it is possible to solve the global problems of mankind. Entries of no more than 100,000 characters must be written in one of the following genres: industrial novel, post-apocalypse, science fiction, social fiction, the future of humanity, or cyberpunk. The finalists were awarded in four nominations: the choice of the team of ZASLON JSC, the choice of the jury of the competition, the choice of the General Director of JSC ZASLON Alexander Gorbunov and the Grand Prix. The winners received large prizes, and the stories were received in a special separate screen.

Source: Tech Cult

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