Netflix released the teaser trailer for the feature film blondstarring Ana De Armas in the role of Marilyn Monroe The film will be released on the streaming platform on September 23. Blonde is based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates.

Here’s the Blonde teaser trailer.

Andrew Dominik has been working on this feature film for over ten years and we are now within months of the film’s release. The story commemorates Marilyn Monroe’s complicated life path, mixing reality and fiction and giving the audience a perspective of what Marilyn was to the public and what the person was in private life.

Director Andrew Dominik, describing the story, said:

It is a film about the human condition and how childhood trauma can shape an adult who is split in two between public and private. It’s a story that everyone has in common, but in this case uses exposure to the media as a means. […] I think this project can say a lot on a cinematic level.

Blonde comes out at a time when Ana De Armas is in full swing, given that she was featured in No Time to Die, and in recent months the movie Deep Water has been released on Prime Video, which sees her main character coexisting. seeing is. Ben Affleck.

Source: Lega Nerd

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