It is a fact that iPhone It is one of the most sought after phones. They have also recently launched the new 14 series and the arrival of the iPhone 15 will be just as successful. Although the Cupertino-based manufacturer has a lot of problems in Brazil.

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice is very clear that Apple is influencing consumers with the sale of iPhone phones. Since these come without corresponding chargers and need to be purchased separately.

That’s why, last September, they ordered the suspension of sales of their phones without power adapters. Despite this, the company with the bitten apple continued to sell and a few days ago a Brazilian court awarded Apple a new fine for not including this accessory in the phone as reported by foreign media.

Apple will have to ship iPhone with charger to Brazil

On this occasion, the decision was made by a court in the state of São Paulo. The judge revealed that Apple is making “affiliate sales” because it’s the first person to buy an iPhonethere is no compatible current adapter so they have to be bought as it is a separate sale type made since last 2020.

In his defense, The bitten apple company states they are doing this to reduce carbon emissions. and electronic waste. Despite this, the Brazilian court thinks it’s just a way to make more money.

Then, The Sao Paulo Court of Justice fined Apple $19 million. But that doesn’t stop there, as the court also ordered the company to include the power adapter in iPhone phones it sells in Brazil. But Apple has already said it plans to appeal the decision, as it previously did when the Brazilian Ministry of Justice banned iPhone sales in the country.

In addition to this penalty, Apple has already accumulated another 20 million reals.About $3.7 million in other fines Brazil has imposed for not selling the iPhone with the corresponding charger. But by appealing, the company buys some time to prepare its defense in court, as well as continue to sell its phones in Brazil.

And of course, Disputes between Apple and Brazil do not end there, The telecommunications regulator in the country known as Anatel has recommended that all phones have USB Type C.

And they are not alone in this decision, because The European Union also wants to force Apple to use this adapter in iPhone phones from next 2024. The Lightning connector may be nearing its end, as even the United States Senate is considering such a proposal.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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