Surely you have thought about why on more than one occasion. YouTube There are no nicknames or nicknames. And the truth is that there is nothing important to him unless he is known. The truth is that this is known to change soon and this is the most positive thing.

By doing this, the company, which is part of Google, is on par with what other social networks like Facebook or Instagram offer and therefore goes one step further to resemble them. This is, for example, most interesting for creators Since it’s much easier to remember a nickname than a channel’s full name, it will be a much easier way to get users to find your videos.

Shorts are one of the main reasons

The arrival of such content is one of the reasons that prompted YouTube to take this decision. To make things as simple as possible and for creators to find them attractive enough (with more or more options than on other platforms), using aliases is important because of the convenience they offer, and also, to have Unique identifier. And this feature is vital in the new option.

New nicknames coming to YouTube


In addition to acquiring the corresponding nickname, each user with creations, a unique address also in the following format: And this is important, because the arrival of this innovation on the video streaming platform, from now on, even if you do not have a hundred subscribers, you will have the above-mentioned URL from the very beginning and it is very easy for users to find a creator.

Applying nicknames on YouTube

Very close. Starting next month, messages will begin to be sent for the choice of nicknames (channels that already have a personalized address will retain this address as they will have these nicknames and can be changed if desired). The thing is, YouTube’s idea is that everyone users have been selected 14 November and otherwise, it is automatically assigned to it.

Therefore, the step forwarded by the company, definite and in conclusion, everything indicates that the use of this new option will be important in the future of the video service in the cloud we are talking about.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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