Three platforms, fast and free, for online translation of PDF documents

Modern translation tools have reached difficulty level so that we can conveniently translate a word, phrase, text, document or even image content. And in real time. In addition machine translators they start integrating artificial intelligence to learn by translating and reading texts in other languages. Come on, you have no excuse to translate PDF documents on the fly.

Before you had to extract content PDF document, paste it into your browser and see the translation. Today, you can upload a PDF to a translator server and have an equivalent PDF in a few seconds, but translated into language what you chose. No matter how simple it may sound. A fast and efficient way to work with PDF documents at home, at university or at work.

If you see them daily in PDF format and have to translation of PDF documents For one reason or another, we bring you three of the best platforms to accomplish this task effortlessly. you only need download pdf to the tool or platform, select the output language, wait a few seconds and get the result that you can download to your device. Best of all, these are free services, and since they’re online, you can use them. from any screen related.

Google Translate lets you translate PDF documents online

Translation of PDF documents with Google

The first option for translating PDF documents online is Google. In particular, Google Translate or Google translator in English. We can use it directly from the browser, download its mobile application or use the translation integrated into Google Drive or Google Docs.

If you choose Google Translate, you will see that you can translate single text as well as other types of content. Clicking on the tab the documents You will see that you can upload files in various formats. In addition to regular Microsoft Office files such as DOCX, PPTX and XLSX, you also have the option download PDF document. To make this possible, Google uses its own technology called Google Cloud Translation.

You do not need to register to use the Google PDF translator. Although it helps. Otherwise, it’s free. just go to the documentsPress explore the computer and select a PDF to translate. You will also need to note the source language and the target language. You can download files up to 10 MB. If you are uploading a PDF document, it must not exceed 300 pages.

When you’re done, Google Translate will show you the online translation. Or you can download the translation in the same format get up. This will be very useful if you need to send a PDF in another language and don’t want to bother with translation or don’t have time to do it yourself.

You can easily translate PDF documents with DeepL AI

Translate one or more PDFs with DeepL

Alternative Google translator who makes a name for himself on his own merits DeepL. Like any other translator, its main function is to translate the text that you paste into the appropriate form. But, as an addition, it is also possible translate files directly in various formats. Among them are PDF documents. Free and without registration you can translation of PDF documents up to 5 MB. If you need more, you can choose a paid account or split the PDF into multiple parts.

It’s easy to use. On its official page, select the option translate files. Then we click on Select on your computer and download the PDF document. The tool will automatically detect the source language. Finally, we will need to specify the target language from the list of supported languages.

Along with its online version, DeepL It has text and document translation apps for Windows, macOS, and iOS. In all cases, the function of translating PDF documents It’s free and doesn’t require registration.

Aspose does everything with your files, even translates PDF documents

Translated PDFs with Aspose

Since there is no two without three, unless you are convinced by Google or DeepL, try Aspose. It is an online platform for processing documents in various formats without the need to download applications. However, you can install its application on your smartphone.

Among its many features is an online translator specialized in Word and PDF documents. To use it, drag and drop a PDF document into the box Select files and select the source and target language of the PDF. A total of 28 languages ​​to choose from. After downloading the PDF file and selecting languages, click translate.

Among its advantages, it serves to translate one or more PDF files. It will keep the original and offer you the translated version. To protect your privacy, their servers will automatically delete the files you upload. after 24 hours.

Source: Hiper Textual

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