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According to a BloombergNEF report, the global power grid will be able to support electric vehicles in the coming decades.


electric vehicles they must be plugged into an outlet for several hours to fully charge. Some argue that it may load the global power grid, But a new study shows that demand is unlikely to grow by 10-15%even if by 2030 all new cars will be electric.

It is currently considered that electric vehicles consume 0.2% of electricity. But as adoption grows, it is clear that this demand will grow. The big question is how much?

There is strong interest on the part of some companies, energy companies and enterprises operating in the polluting fuel market to delay and boycott the adoption of electric vehicles. And one of the reasons they own it is because there are so many electric vehicles. will eventually saturate electrical network. What is true in this regard?

Consumption of electric vehicles: goodbye myth

Analyst company BloombergNEF conducted an exhaustive study consumption of electric vehicles in the coming decades and concludes that there is no cause for concern. Electric vehicles will not saturate the global energy system.

The report, which comes to us via Business Insider, ensures that even if all new cars sold in 2030 are electric, demand for electricity in 2040 will increase only by 11-15%something that power grids can accept without issue, just as they now support wasteful electrical spending on cryptocurrencies.

If nuclear war or climate change didn’t get ahead of us sooner, then by 2050, when political agreements (which won’t be implemented) will bring pollutant emissions to zero, the cost of electric vehicle energy will only add another 15% until there are roughly 25 or 30% of all energy consumption.

Of course, the report recommends that measures be taken to ensure that everyone does not charge at the same time, that is, at night. it will be necessary encourage recharging throughout the day with chargers in workplaces, rest areas, etc.

People generally don’t want to change. The new scares us. But in this case we are talking about a situation of survival. Polluting fuels must be phased out and take a step towards renewable energy.

Not only on environmental issues. The oil and gas war that we are now experiencing proves this. We depend on the polluting energies of foreign countries to use them as political weapons. When, as Elon Musk himself says, Spain can become the first world power in the field of solar energy.

At least it seems electric vehicle consumption This will not be cause for concern. According to BloombergNEF research, the global energy system can handle it. Now it only remains for affordable electric vehicles to appear and chargers to be installed.

Source: Computer Hoy

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