If you notice any problems with the washing machine, the easiest way is to call a specialist. You can fix everything yourself, though. Because of this, your washing machine may start to “jump”.

  1. Laundry is unevenly distributed. It can contain pillows, soft toys, etc. if anything, a “jump” of the washing machine may occur. Most likely, such a problem is due to the inability to evenly distribute the thing over the drum. To solve this problem, you just need to add a lot of small laundry and other things to wash.
  1. Washing machine installed incorrectly. This happens most often among those who install the washing machine on their own. Perhaps the device was installed at the wrong angle or the shipping bolts were not opened.

  2. No soft pad. Such pads under the legs will only improve the situation, but will not solve the problem itself. They are necessary so that there are no scratches or chips on the surface on which the machine stands.

However, if the problem cannot be solved, most likely the problem is in the breakdown of the spare parts of the washing machine. For example, an engine, counterweight, shock absorbers, bearings, bearings, etc. It is best to contact the experts in this case to fix everything.

Source: Ferra

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