While it’s true that today’s phones offer Storage capacity It’s increasingly normal that you need to free up space from time to time, as you have lots of apps installed or photos and videos uploaded to your phone.

With a new function coming soon, you will be able to free up space on your mobile phone very soon. Google Play. A few months ago, Google announced an improvement that will allow you to compress apps you don’t use so that they take up less space on your phone, but without completely deleting them.

Currently this function is not available, but developer Mishaal Rahman was able to test the new tool that will come to the app store so you can compress apps you don’t use directly from Google Play.

How will the new tool for archiving Google Play apps work?

Google’s idea archive apps you don’t use regularly, but you don’t want to remove it completely. As you can see in the post from the well-known developer on his official Twitter account, the way it works is exactly this: compress any app in APK format when we’re not using it.

From what we can see, the functionality to archive apps will be via a new section in Google Play. It will be called “Manage apps and device”. After selecting an application in the Manage tab, we can conveniently choose between uninstalling or archiving using the ⋮ menu. Even the interface will tell us how much space we have saved with this move.

What happens when you archive an app? The data is retained so you don’t lose any configuration you make, but the APK is replaced by an archived version that will save us up to 60% of storage space. In addition, this function can be activated in the coming days.

Frankly and how could it be otherwise, in the near future we will also be able to archive any app from the Android interface itselfbut the first step will be for this tool to reach the Google Play Store in the first place.

Regarding the launch of the new function in the Google app store, considering that the APK already contains it, they will most likely update the official app in the coming weeks or even days so we can archive the apps we downloaded too. Do not use it to save space on our phones.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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