Mozilla announced a major expansion to its service this week Firefox Relay. Interested users, get an extra phone number It is specially designed to sign up for platforms and apps where you don’t want to enter your real number.

This is the same principle that Firefox Relay already offers with emails. You subscribe to the service with your real email and create “fake” accounts to sign up for other platforms. You can even access the e-mails these accounts receive without having to reveal the e-mail that the person actually uses in their private life.

However, there are differences in the version with phone numbers. The first is that the user does not have several and keeps changing. When registering, a suitable number is selected and you have a permanent extra number.

It can take up to the registered number 50 minutes of calls and 75 text messages per month. The user can reply to SMS, but not call or text to any number – although this may change on other plans in the future.

How much?

Another important difference is the price. Available via email only, Firefox Relay costs $1.99 per month or $0.99 if you subscribe for twelve months. Messaging costs $4.99/month, $1/month discount if you subscribe at once for the whole year.

An extra attraction is that the phone number plan subscription already includes the extra email plan. Firefox Mobile Number Relay is only available at launch in the US and Canada.

Source: Tec Mundo

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