The Superjob recruitment service has launched a section with rental housing. Both employers planning to rent a business space and job seekers who want to rent an apartment close to work will be able to post ads there.

Superjob launched a home rental service

“Many people, changing jobs, are also changing homes. We will offer options based on the data that the company has: the location of the employer’s office, salaries, marital status, etc. ”, Alexei Zakharov, co-owner and president of the company, told RBC.

According to Zakharov, Superjob will earn money in real estate according to the same model as the job search service: by posting ads that pay for leads (leads who responded to a marketing campaign).

The company will also offer member housing. Superjob intends to integrate job ads with real estate ads in the near future.

So far, Superjob has earned more than 90% of its revenue through a recruitment service, with another 10% coming from ad sales, payroll reviews, research, and career guidance.


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Source: RB

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