Living alone can have its advantages, but taking care of the home takes organization, dedication, and discipline. You have time to do various household chores, take care of yourself and still have time for leisure and entertainment.

Additionally, building a home on your own isn’t easy or cheap, and it’s important to choose useful products and tools that you can use well in your routine and help with time management and savings.

With this in mind, we separate a list with some items and gadgets smart for those who set up your home. Payment:

this Amazon

Available in four colors (blue, black, green and red), this individual blender is ideal for those who live alone and want to prepare a range of recipes easier and faster. The glass has a capacity of 400 ml and serves as a glass after juices, vitamins and shakes are prepared.

One of the differences of the product is the composition of the jar with technology. tritancombines the best of glass and plastic in a single product. Glass is lightweight, resistant to splinters and stains, but also suitable for the most clumsy.

this electrolux

One of the products that make daily cleaning easier is the vacuum cleaner. This Electrolux vertical model brings even more practicality as it is a 2-in-1 version that works both in portrait mode, with a longer cable, and as a handheld.

The vacuum cleaner has a 5 meter cord, a 1.2 liter tank and 1000 W of power to absorb all the dirt. Another difference is the use of the HEPA Allergy Protection filter, which traps and cleans bacteria and other substances in the air and makes the ambient air cleaner.

This pan makes it easy to prepare a variety of dishes, not just pilaf.

Using an electric pan is very practical, there is no need to constantly check the pan and be safer by not going to the fire.

This electric pot can be used to cook rice as well as vegetables. It comes with indicator lights, non-stick coated bowl, 5 cups rice capacity model, spoon and measuring cup.

Echo Dot receives voice commands via Alexa

Echo Dot is a product that simplifies routine, allowing you to set reminders, control music or just check the news with voice commands. All this is done through Alexa, a personal assistant on this device that helps control other smart and connected devices in the home.

The fourth-generation Echo Dot has a front-directed 1.6” speaker and is very compact, so it can be used unobtrusively at the head of the bed or in living room furniture.

Smart Lamp is a device that can be controlled remotely.

Another smart gadget for those who live alone is this lamp from Intelbras. The model can be plugged into a standard light bulb socket and connected to a Wi-Fi network to receive commands via the company’s app.

It is possible to adjust the light intensity, color and also to create special scenarios for the time of day. You can also program the lamp to work, which is a great strategy for keeping the environment safe.

Source: Tec Mundo

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