During one of the presentations at Microsoft’s Ignite conference, which ends this Friday (14) in Seattle, a somewhat ominous screenshot of Windows 11 was posted and retweeted by some developers. What appears to be a revolutionary redesign of the shell caused the weirdness (graphical interface) showing the “floating” taskbar.

According to website NeowinIn August, some users reported an incident on the Windows 11 screen that showed the taskbar “detaching” from where it was and “floating” with its rounded corners. Asked by the site, Microsoft quickly responded it’s just a mistake.

But apparently, it wasn’t just that.

What does the new floating taskbar look like?

As can be seen in the above tweet posted by developer and designer FireCub – taskbar appears “floating” above the screenin the best way”Spiritualist” and the notification area indicators “fly” to the top of the screen instead of the bottom right. You can also see a search bar and a weather widget at the top, leaving a dark area at the edges of the taskbar.

Somewhat oddly, Microsoft is unlikely to be mocking some radical new changes, but rather the leak is just one of many UI prototypes that escaped the Redmond labs.

In any case, the Windows 11 taskbar remains one of the most criticized features of the current version of the operating system. Better wait for the next one.

Source: Tec Mundo

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