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Some soldiers don’t like Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality glasses: “they will kill us all”


american army agreed to buy Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality Glasses or VAT, with a contract that can reach $22,000 million. The first units came to the soldiers in September, and according to leaks, tests didn’t go well.

Microsoft and United States Army signed an agreement in 2018 for the production of 5,000 units HoloLens Augmented Reality Glassesfocused on military use, worth $850 million, including contract and points.

In 2021, the deal increased to 121,000 HoloLens over ten years at a price $21.9 billion.

The contract caused controversy on both sides. Hundreds of Microsoft employees rioted because they did not want to participate in the development weapons of war. Some have resigned. On the other hand, spending so much taxpayer money on untested technology has been criticized.

First 5000 units HoloLens devices or Integrated Visual Magnification System or IVAS, as the army calls them, were supposed to be delivered in 2021, but were delayed by a year. Finally, they reached the military in September last year.

The first tests, according to official information, have passed “exitbut a Business Insider report shows otherwise. What happened?

Augmented reality in the wars of the future

According to Business Insider research, Microsoft employees admitted that test failed on 4 out of 6 major points.

Some soldiers also reveal main problems with glasses. One of them, interviewed anonymously, points out that the light emitted by the glasses shows your positionhundreds of meters“And that is,”can kill us all“.

The insider collects other evidence that ensures that HoloLens glasses reduce the field of view of soldiersand even blinds them in some places. There are also weight issues and limited freedom of movement with them.

augmented reality Microsoft HoloLens It aims to improve the safety of soldiers and improve their efficiency. You can see its capabilities in this video:


Here’s How the US Army Uses Augmented Reality

With these glasses, allegedly a soldier can see a map of the area in which he is located, real-time positioning of the enemy using satellite or unmanned data, the possibility of blind guidance in the absence of visibility, receive video from his partners and much more.

The US military responded to Business Insider by pointing out that fully committed to this military program, and who consider the trials successful. Like all new devices, they have found areas where they can improve, and they will.

He also remembers that when night vision goggles came out, they caused the same controversy, and now all armies use them.

Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality Glasses already in hand soldiers from United States Army. The tests seem controversial. Is it the minority of soldiers who don’t adapt, or is it something in common? Is Microsoft’s $21.9 Billion Contract in Danger? Time will tell…

Source: Computer Hoy

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