After the ability to hide online status is started, What’s up? It is close to gaining another feature that is highly demanded by users. we are talking about edit messages after sendingcurrently in development by Meta, as reported by WABetaInfo this Friday (14th).

The new feature, which is not yet available to even those who test the platform, came to the fore in the latest update of the beta version of the messenger for Android. The compilation shows how the software will flag messages that have gone through some editing.

As you can see in the screenshot shared by the post (below), “Edited” label appears next to messages modified by the sender, in the chat window. And just like in the case of deleting messages, the user will have a time limit to replace text that was sent by mistake or contains some kind of error.

According to the website, It will be possible to edit a message on WhatsApp up to 15 minutes after sending it. At the end of this period, the sender will not be able to change the original text or have to resort to other alternatives, such as deleting or rewriting sentences for everyone.

no release date

At the moment, WhatsApp message editing It is a tool under development by big technology. The latest details on the subject are here. WhatsApp beta for Android available to Google Play Beta Program subscribers.

It is not yet known when the functionality will begin testing, but rumor has it that the messenger on Google’s operating system will be coming soon for those participating in the beta program. Only then would the resource be made available to the public.

this ability to edit messages A highly requested feature not only in the popular Meta messenger, but also in many other platforms, including Twitter. It is very practical, allowing you to quickly and easily correct typos or information, saving you the hassle of deleting all or part of the text.

Source: Tec Mundo

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