The cigarettesin addition to the obvious damages associated with the Healthpose a real threat to the Planet and thesurroundings. Not only the cultivation of tobacco is related to the deforestationbut the combustion releases substances polluting and toxic. Not to mention theirs availabilty it is often done wrong and contributes to the pollution of seas, oceans and parks.

Tobacco production for all cigarettes consumed daily has a environmental costs remarkable. According to the WHO (World Health Organisation). Every day 6 trillion cigarettes are consumed for which they are shot 600 million trees each year about 3.5 million hectares of land giving way to tobacco plantations.

These monocultures pose a threat to: biodiversitybut at the same time they preferimpoverishment and the soil degradation in addition to generating significant emissions of greenhouse gases.

It should also be taken into account that the combustion of traditional cigarettes emits ca 7,000 molecules different, many of which are harmful to the environment: first of all, thecarbon dioxidebut also nicotine, heavy metals, pesticide residues and hydrogen cyanide end up in the environment.

Finally, I cigarette butts they become a huge source of pollution. Many are thrown to the ground, polluting parks, but also seas and oceans. In 2022, 42.2% of the collected waste was cigarette butts. Worldwide, it is estimated that the number of butts left in the environment corresponds to approximately 4.5 trillion. These generate the mostplastic pollution being the filters made of 90% cellulose acetate.

Source: Lega Nerd

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