Beeline business quickly created a new IT infrastructure based on Beeline Cloud for the Commonwealth Partnership (CMWP).

The power of the “cloud” for monitoring the launch of services for data logging and deployment prioritization (1C, mail and directories) to services monitored by VDI, file storage and beyond. Daily.

Particular attention was paid to the backup database from the foreign backup database: archive (5 TB), file array (14 TB) and all data (more than 250 GB). All operations, as it turned out on external hard drives, as well as data updating, were completed in two months.

Thanks to the joint work of several teams of two-tier business management, it was possible to quickly deploy the entire network infrastructure, architecture with architecture, reconfigure designs and access points to secure subnets. First, they hosted critical business applications and migrated data, and then reconfigured the workstations of each employee, taking into account all the updates.

Eventually the CMWP became its own autonomous corporate group. To change position. Now the company has a full range of services and a platform to solve all problems.

With the help of the beeline business, the company retained the ability to mass visit turnkey corporate services, including solutions based on software from the coast of vendors.

Previously, the Commonwealth Partnership team withdrew from the Cushman & Wakefield global group.

Source: Iphones RU

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