For many years, ghosts were perceived as tools of justice. For example, in “Hamlet” and “Macbeth” ghosts played exactly this role.

Although it must be said that in literary works ghosts are also depicted as friends or patrons. This is found in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It can be seen in The Sixth Sense from similar movies.

It’s also nice to think that death in general is not the end of existence. For this reason, it is believed in many cultures that the dead can communicate with the living.

Also, a person likes to experience fear. But only if he realizes that there really is no danger. This is why we love to watch spooky movies with ghost stories on Halloween.

The belief in the existence of ghosts can also be explained by the fact that people believed in the separation of body and soul. That is, the mind can exist separately from the physical shell.

The human brain works in a special way, so we may experience hallucinations more often than we think. For example, hallucinations may be associated with sleep paralysis or waiting to see or hear something. In other words, if we believe in something, we are more likely to experience it.

Source: Ferra

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