Mobile operator Veek recently announced the brand’s Veek Pre 2.0 chip, which promises to give its customers more freedom. The solution, which brings 2GB for free internet browsing, can be purchased from the company’s website for a one-time fee of R$15 in addition to shipping for delivery.

Like other branded solutions, the Veek chip can be activated via the app immediately after delivery. To enjoy 2GB of free internet per month, the user needs to “check-in” in the app twice a day and watch ads for 6 to 30 seconds. “At check-in, the customer has time to use the services. In total, up to 6 hours of usage can be accumulated,” explains the operator.

In addition to the Internet through advertisements, the user can buy single “Gigacoins”, which guarantees greater access to the Internet. Veek also offers a monthly subscription starting at R$25 with gigabytes selectable at purchase.


Despite the freemium internet, the Veek chip does not have a calling package and supports 10 SMS text messages. Subscriptions that start at R$25 and already include chips guarantee more benefits, as you can see below.

The company has also released the values ​​of single gigacoin purchases. Check below:

  • BRL 6.00 – 0.5GB
  • 10.00 BRL – 1 GB
  • 18.00 BRL – 3GB
  • 32.00 BRL – 6GB
  • 42.00 BRL – 8GB
  • 55.00 BRL – 12GB
  • 120.00 BRL – 26GB


With the new offer, the result of an investment of R$20 million, the company aims to reach 100,000 new customers in the next six months.

“We are confident that prepaid 2.0 will be in great demand as there is currently no similar product or service on the market that offers these financial benefits. We gained 15,000 new customers in two months when we launched the previous version, Veek Freemium, with 1 GB of internet and a R$30.00 phone call,” explains Alberto Blanco, Veek’s CEO.

Source: Tec Mundo

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