The release of the long-awaited continuation of the story of one of the Avengers – the third film about Ant-Man with the subtitle “Quantomania”.

This is a film in the fifth phase of the xelenin Marvel, which will primarily become the antagonist of Kang the Conqueror. His appearance in the series “Loki” was truly a miracle of the mysterious image of a supervillain with his own philosophy.

We have already reviewed the novelty and are in a hurry to share our impressions.

Return to the quantum world

The plot of the pictures is banal and simple. However, it is easy to look at, it is interesting to watch night places.

What is the movie about: about the adventures of former petty criminal Scott Lang, who became the owner of a suit that allows you to cut and store in size.

Together with his partner Hope van Dyne, the daughter of the famous physicist and entomologist Hank Pym, who developed the Ant-Man suit, Scott once again saves the world from the outbreak.

A book written about the Avengers gives an interview on the creation of a device for interacting with the quantum world. However, everything does not go according to plan (where without it), and they are pulled into the quantum dimension. There they learn about the mysterious Kang, who is about to escape into the real world.

The third phase of the nomadic village has embraced the fact that the franchise has also moved in some key characters. They were replaced by new young superheroes. The rest are processed in the fourth phase by a non-connecting bridge. On the one hand, they showed us the characteristic features, on the other hand, they gave way to the “greens”.

And if in the fourth phase they were only getting acquainted with them, now they are already beginning to reveal them in order to get closer to the audience. The most popular superheroes from the “old” cast are also moving forward. Among them, by chance, Scott Lang, who could not clearly register in the cinematic universe and find the same important thing that his colleague in the Avengers had.

They were part of a larger franchise and occupied threads among themselves. This team is already fragmented, there is no single coherent plot yet. And in the end, a passing movie already I can’t be as sorry as I used to be.

“Ant” always had problems, his head could not reveal enough, and the ability of the disease to a level that attracted everyone’s attention.

Not the best way turned out now. Main Antagonist explosivelyfor at least some understanding of his image, you need to watch the last episode of Loki.

The whole process is expected for many years of observation in the phase. It is yet to be known in the future.

But as for the consideration of the world, it is simply a shame. It is literally lapped with Star Wars, in places even almost copying rarely bizarre creatures. This is its own little universe with aliens, spaceships, bars and more.

A completely empty world in a bright wrapper does not evoke any emotions. Moreover, it is practically not interesting to look at, except for rare cases.

Dialogues for the most part coverage, and some of them and the lack of focus somewhere in the future, delaying current events. The humor has become less than it was even before in the same series about Ant-Man (I’m already silent about other films of the movie). They are here and even cause a smile, but I would like a little more.

Drama between father and daughter faded into the background, although it tries to be one of the central themes and the main drama. It seems that the plots do not have enough timing, although the picture goes on for 2 hours anyway.

But the picture is beautiful

Marvel has never had a problem with this. Huge budgets do their job.

The quantum world itself captures with its visual and eye-catching. Endless “space”, incredible landscapes, closed cases – all this is done at a high quality level. Although it still feels emptiness because of the existence of its own zest.

In this film, the focus is more on the visual component, since it mainly takes place in CGI scenery.

The soundtrack is standard for superheroes, it lacks stars from the bliss and you never know the waves against the general background.

Probably the most interesting thing in the picture is not the work itself, but the scene after the credits. Ensure the importance for the continuous development of the overall history.

You can watch, but this is a weak part of the franchise

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania is a weak start for the fifth phase of the quintet and a fairly passable movie if you set it up as a separate work.

In reality, there are good moments, but there are so few of them that they cannot but attract attention. And due to the visualization of one, it will be difficult to sit in a session for 2 hours. Still, this is not “Avatar” by James Cameron.

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