Adobe started his conference Adobe MAX, where he presented all the news that will appear in Photoshop and other applications that make up his creative kit. In the 2022 edition artificial intelligence has gained relevance proving that he canautomate processes that would require hours of manual labor. An example of this is Clever Composites, a project that allows you to create realistic compositions in a few clicks using AI.

Report TechCrunch gives the first information about Smart Compositesresearch project dedicated to improve image composition. Compositing is the process in which a designer or artist combines elements from different sources into a single image. To create the illusion that everyone is part of the same scene, you need to adjust values ​​such as scale, position, color, lighting and moreusing tools like Photoshop or Lightroom.

The beauty of Clever Composites is that leave all previous steps in the hands of artificial intelligence. From a practical point of view, by inserting objects from other images, AI will create a believable composition. fixing the cost of each part and placing it in the right place. Users don’t have to worry about masks or adjustment layers as the program does it all for you.

Adobe wants to reduce image composition to a few clicks using AI

Adobe AI
Clever Composites can integrate all objects into one image. Photo: Adobe.

According to Adobe engineers, Clever Composites uses a new composition-aware search technology. Each model is trained independently for a specific task, such as finding features that match the geometry and semantics of an image. After all, AI reduce a process that usually takes several hours to a few clicks.

Our technology uses multiple deep learning models and millions of data points to determine semantic segmentation, composition-aware search, scale location prediction for object composition, color and tone matching, lighting estimation, shadowing, and more.

Zhifei Zhang, R&D engineer for Clever Composites at Adobe.

Although the tool is under development, Adobe engineers believe that would be a great addition to Photoshop or Lightroom. Zhifei Zhang, project engineer, said that Clever Composites works like “glue”, making all the components of the scene work together. The goal of Zhang and his team create realistic compositions with simple drag and drop.

For now, Clever Composites is part of the Snacks category, a series of research projects that may (or may not) make it into Adobe applications. Engineers also work in version with 3D objects that will revolutionize the composition process. While AI will not replace the work of a designer or artist, it will make your life easier by eliminating activities that take hours or days.

Source: Hiper Textual

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