VkusVill began to develop the coffee line, more than 80 coffee machines have already been installed in the dark stores of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the press service of the retail chain said.

VkusVill set its sights on the development of coffee vending

The network began developing vending in 2019, during which time more than 420 devices with branded products appeared in shopping malls, offices and educational institutions in large Russian cities.

The new machines offer a range of 10 types of coffee drinks. Today, 50 to 100 servings of coffee and tea are sold per day at high-traffic points, the retail chain explained. The monthly turnover of one point varies from 35 to 120 thousand rubles.

The company plans to cover the entire network of dark stores, installing devices next to existing snack vending machines.

In July, VkusVill was connected to the service of the Federal Passenger Company (a subsidiary of Russian Railways) and began delivering food to train cars.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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