Jaonese hours They are characterized by an unprecedented vein, up to 50 m in diameter, as well as a potential b soldering, which reaches 25 eykl. The discs were named Kenzan Diamond.

The diamond is based on the analysis of the most commonly used minerals for research in the same memory organs. D record • One of the problems to overcome this problem is growing ultra-pure synthetic diamonds, but all of them are too small and therefore unsuitable for practical use.

Kenzan Diamond plates have an area of ​​almost 2000 square meters. mm against only 4 sq. mm at the defenders. At the same time, their purity is 3 parts of nitrogen per billion. DosITY In this regard, a high concentration of the table is observed and the risk of its cracking is neutralized.

Adamant Namiki Precision Jewelery Co. reported that they will release a commercial version of Kenzan Diamond as early as 2023. And now they are starting to work on a diamond plaza with a diameter of already 100 mm.

Source: Tech Cult

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