WhatsApp plans to improve the multi-device experience by adding the ability to connect the same account on an additional smartphone or tabletas it turned out wabetainfo, a portal specialized in news and updates about the messaging app owned by Meta. The feature appears to work in a similar way to the WhatsApp website’s multi-user mode, albeit with a few differences.

The app will specifically show a section called “Register device as partner” every time someone tries to link an existing account on a new mobile phone or tablet. Thus, the user will be able to choose between linking the WhatsApp account on the new device and logging out on the old one, or saving the session on both smartphones. In the second case, you will need to complete the pairing steps through the main device. That is, enter the messaging app, select the “Linked devices” option that appears in the settings, and scan the QR code that will be displayed on the screen of the new smartphone or tablet.

WhatsApp, let’s remember, already allows you to use the multi-device mode in its web version or through the desktop application. In this case, the user can link his account by scanning a QR code through the application and communicate with his contacts, even when the smartphone, for example, is turned off or simply does not have a stable Internet connection.

It is likely that the ability to link a WhatsApp account on another smartphone or tablet also allow the ability to chat on the main device, although there are no details on this. Actually this feature is under development and it may take some time to appear.

WhatsApp app for iPad is closer than ever

The new multi-device mode that WhatsApp runs on promises to be extremely useful for those users who have a tablet. Especially when you consider that messages could be synchronized even when the main smartphone was turned off. Thus, the launch of this function can also mean the appearance whatsapp app for ipad.

WhatsApp has been working on an app for Apple tablets for some time now. This will have an interface very similar to that of the smartphone app and will include very similar features. Among them the ability to make calls or video calls. The iPad app can also work as an additional device. It also won’t require a connected mobile phone, although all conversations will be end-to-end encrypted. Its launch is currently unknown, but it is expected to be available on the App Store soon.

Source: Hiper Textual

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