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News from 1 to 10:

one. The Sims 4 is free on PC and consoles starting today (18): Electronic Arts (EA) announced this Wednesday (14) The Sims 4 will be free-to-play on consoles and PC starting October 18, 2022. Take a look at this;

two. Motorola shows off mobile with floating ‘rollable’ OLED display: Motorola unveiled its “rollable” screen smartphone on Tuesday (18). The concept that the company quoted during Lenovo Tech World has the ability to enlarge and reduce the size of the screen in the user’s hand. Look;

3. YouTube is ending testing and won’t charge for 4K resolution: YouTube confirmed last night (17) that it is ending the default experience where it will restrict access to 4K videos to Premium users. The idea, which was noticed by a few people and spread on Reddit and Twitter, was absolutely abandoned by the platform. Know more;

4. Samsung mobile: The best options for investing in Black Friday 2022: Among the most sought after brands to buy mobile phones on Black Friday is Samsung, which has a very diverse catalog and premium models that are a good investment option if they are more affordable.

5. Ted Lasso Actor Discovers Cheating With Apple Watch ‘Help’: Recently, separation from Olivia Wilde (Casa, Lar) and Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso) was highlighted in tabloids around the world. But the story won another chapter this Tuesday (18), and an unusual piece of information caught our attention: involvement of an Apple Watch at the end of the relationship. To understand;

6. Astronomers may have discovered the irregular axis ratio of Uranus: According to a new study accepted in the scientific journal Astronomy and AstrophysicsAstronomers may have discovered the reason behind Uranus’ irregular axis. Despite its resemblance to Neptune, the planet has several features, such as its axis of rotation at an inclination of 98 degrees of its orbital plane. see more;

7.Assai’s R$1,000 promotion on WhatsApp is a scam: During the celebration of the 48th anniversary of the Assa√≠ Atacadista chain, the company is used to stage a coup. By What’s up?, market name associated with an alleged promotion with wrong information. Payment;

8. Teletubbies: Reboot of the Classic Series Trailer on Netflix; to watch!: Famous among children in the 2000s, teletubbies It left its mark on many people’s childhoods. As such, the new production should bring news, but also bring some classic elements of the original design, including the iconic baby Sun. Payment;

9. Real Digital: the first cryptocurrency is coming this week: Digital reality shouldn’t take too long. still this weekCentral Bank’s (BC) Financial and Technological Innovations Laboratory (LIFT), create national currency version as stable cryptocurrencyor stablecoin. Know more;

10. Silent Pregnancy: How is it possible to be pregnant and not know it?: As strange as it may seem, there are women who get pregnant and don’t realize it until they give birth or months after giving birth. early pregnancy. According to a study published Journal of the Royal Medical Societyout of every 475 people pregnant woman,1 may be up to 20 weeks and may not know it. To understand;

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