Apple can use Siri to do something totally unexpected

Everybody knows siri, TRUE? This AI virtual assistant developed by view It was presented to the world in 2011. Twelve years later, it is still one of the leading virtual assistant technologies on the market. Siri uses a combination of speech recognition and natural language processing to answer questions and perform user-requested tasks. It has been regularly updated and improved since its release, but now it can perform a completely unexpected task.

Writing code and programming applications with your voice… It would be possible!

According to a report by The Information, Apple’s future virtual reality or mixed reality headset could allow the development of user-generated apps via the virtual assistant Siri. So users can create animated objects in augmented reality, for example, thanks to Apple’s virtual help. We’re talking about coding… But with sound! It is predicted that even 3D objects can be scanned. iphone or a ipadthen to convert them into VR models.

Apple can use Siri to do something totally unexpected

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The Information report, on the other hand, insists that users can develop their own apps through Siri. Not only that, they will be able to share the applications they have created on the App Store. Does this mean that someone with no development or programming knowledge can build their own app? The truth is… more or less. However, the main thing here is to be able to write code through the virtual assistant. Once again, Apple has revolutionized the world of technology.

What is the future of virtual reality and how does mixed reality work?

Virtual reality is an emerging technology that allows users to experience an immersive and simulated environment through the use of devices such as VR glasses and controllers. It is increasingly being developed in a variety of industries, from entertainment to education to medicine. In the future, virtual reality is expected to evolve and become more accessible and natural for users.

This will allow experimentation with a wide variety of applications and new situations. Additionally, virtual reality and augmented reality are expected to be combined to create a mixed reality experience as Apple plans to deliver. What does it mean? This means users can interact with the real and virtual world fluently and naturally and simultaneously.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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