This Instagram it constantly gets various features, most of which are inspired by other platforms. Some of these new features disappear for months until users start using them, and one of them is green background for reels.

No editing app is required and tecmundo It describes step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool that has been available since at least 2020 but has recently returned to success on the platform.

How to delete the background of videos on Instagram Reels

The first step is to make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your device. Although the tool is not new, newer versions always bring a little more functionality.

It works like effect chromakey and allows you to use videos or images from your personal gallery as backgrounds. stories or reels. When you start casting, drag the effects bar all the way to the left until you find the search button.

Click on the magnifying glass andgreen Screen“To see the self-developed version of Instagram.”green background“, but usually the most relevant results in this case will be from effects created by other users.

When searching for the effect, choose the English name

When selecting the effect, simply click “Add Media” to add the background directly from the gallery. It is not possible to use the camera at this stage, so if you want to add other effects, you can use the camera. Instagram and save without publishing.


Finally, make the photo or video to be sent and it is also possible to change the size and orientation by holding the image with two fingers, dragging and rotating it before clicking the record button.

Combining other effects

In addition to being a social network, the Instagram app has various tools for editing videos and photos. While not ideal for those who work actively with social media, for the standard user these built-in functions are more than enough.

It’s still possible in the compose partition itself reels or stories Add music, draw on an image, add text, set its duration, and add emoticons and GIFs directly from keyboard shortcuts.

Initial posts with various effects and tools may require more work until the user understands the best way to combine them, but with a little practice it is possible to make very creative posts without the need for other apps.

Source: Tec Mundo

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