Researchers from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh (Scotland) designed for hunting Its main radiation – a laser power of 1.6 W, which is recommended due to the rapid heating x t p n The first tests on cockroaches were successful, but regular layers were immediately laid down.

The robot was not created for hunting cockroaches, which would have been attractive in an unnatural way. As project manager Ildar Rakhmatullin explained, cockroaches have adapted very much to life next to various devices that began to appear for testing. As the saying goes, if you can deal with a nimble and careful cockroach, you can handle all of us.

cockroach hunter

The true alkaline purpose of this installation – the extermination of insects among the crops, was it called as an alternative? The design contains many microcomoners and cameras, it uses machine vision. The cost of installation and energy costs for the operation of the laser turned out to be less than the cost of the latest development

The main problem is that the robot is too primitive, it does not have the ability to analyze the world around it, so it can accidentally shoot a laser at a pet or person. The system is traumatic and, in case of contact with the eyes, can blind a living being. Therefore, the use of the robot indoors is prohibited, but it invites you to go out and the big decrease powerfully them.

Source: Tech Cult

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