New evidence has emerged about the patrols involved in the incident. Murder of Juan Pablo GonzálezAt the URI of Puente Aranda on the night of November 6, when she allegedly harassed Hilary Casatro.

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In a video taken from URI security cameras uncovered by the authorities, it was possible to observe how it was done. One of the patrol officers, known to be wearing civilian clothes, hits González hard. in his stomach before he is taken to the cell where he will spend the last minutes of his life.

The whole scene is when another uniformed man partner not only hits González, but also He pushes her until she falls to the ground. The man was helpless and then grabbed him by the neck, lifted him and aggressively led him to the cell.

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It should be noted that due to these facts, which are still the subject of investigation by an expert group of the CTI of the Bogotá Prosecutor’s Office, there are five patrols in the prison charged with willful murder by act or omission in competition with torture.

While it cannot be established that the patrols were directly involved in the man’s murder, it is true that they were complicit in the act, not making any attempt to stop the beating and torture suffered by González by the others. deprived of liberty.

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After the Police and Prosecutor’s Office caught five uniformed policemen at the URI of Puente Aranda for their alleged complicity in the murder of Juan Pablo González, the men were brought before a warrant checking judge.

In developing the formulation of the charges, the prosecutor in charge of the case noted that González Gómez was beaten for more than 27 minutes, causing more than 50 injuries to the body of the perpetrators: ecchymosis, abrasions and fractures were in balance. brutal beating?

According to the prosecutor, the man was not only beaten, he was tortured and forced to drink the urine of other inmates. All this before the eyes of the five accused police officers.


Source: Exame

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