Not all modern technologies are equally useful. This is exactly what the Volkswagen Group management came to after a complaint from car owners of ID.4 and ID.Buzz electric vehicles, where capacitive touch panels with partial tactile acoustic communication were installed instead of mechanical control buttons.

A special desire was to integrate touch switches into the VW steering wheel in a way that many car owners would like to make it multifunctional, reminiscent of a smartphone. But it turned out that not everything exclusive means good. In competition with familiar buttons, sensors show up.

Creamer, it turned out that during the usual turn p With a wooden problem, eminent vw – bmw and mercedes collided, the establishment of multifunctional

As a result, VW abandoned the “touch” steering wheel design. According to Thomas Schaefer, CEO of VW Passenger Cars, the company’s management came to this decision after mass rejection of reviews from car owners and ordered to “return” steering wheel coverage buttons.

Source: Tech Cult

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