This smartwatch is 10x cheaper than an Apple Watch and I recommend it

If you are looking for something cheap and effective, this hybrid bracelet will serve you for everyday use.

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The best smartwatch on the market is undoubtedly the Apple Watch, but its price is not within everyone’s reach. We have other models for it Compatible with iOS and by Android, much less moneyThey give us extraordinary performance and extraordinary autonomy. Today I want to recommend you the HONOR Band 6, which only costs. 49.90 33.90 Euros on Amazon.

It is a smart bracelet that brings together. bigger screen than traditional ones. It is a new smartband model with ideal number of sensors and very affordable price. Let’s remember that the cheapest Apple Watch is the SE model and costs 299 euros, and this HONOR Band 6 has it. very similar functions and cost about ten times less.

HONOR Group 6

Alternative to Apple Watch that spends 10x less money

HONOR Group 6

This alternative to the Apple Watch is ten times cheaper and has 14 days of autonomy

If you want to have a smart watch on your wrist and spend very little money, this HONOR option is one of the best you can have right now. a big screen where you’ll see all your data, you can greatly customize it, and it has sensors for everything you need on a regular day or workout. I recommend to buy thisbut I’ll give you some reasons to do this as soon as possible:

  • sensors: even though it’s such a cheap watch (just over 30 euros) heart ratesaturation blood oxygen pedometer and registration water activitiessomething that many such devices do not integrate.
  • durable materials: We are not talking about a watch made of titanium or stainless steel. You don’t need such premium materials to buy a device waterproof like this, resistant to submersion up to 50 meters. Its main body is made of highly impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate, and its strap is made of silicone. very soft yet durable.
  • very good screen: We’ve got 1.47 inch Amoled panel and high resolution (194 x 368 pixels). This very customizable Dozens of globes are available and free.
  • extraordinary autonomy: Coming from daily use of an Apple Watch (for my use) with full autonomy, this HONOR Band 6 gives us 14 days for normal use, 10 days for heavy use. Additionally, we have fast chargingwe can charge it for 3 days of use in just 10 minutes.

HONOR Group 6

Of course, if we need a smart watch save our workouts, check notifications, set an alarm or read messages without holding your phone, this HONOR Band 6 is perfect. And if you’re on a tight budget, why not? try this cheap alternative?

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