Telegram launched a marketplace to sell usernames. The site works in auction format. So far, the most expensive name is @bank with a current price of 63,000 TON, or $119,000.

Telegram launched a market for the sale of unique names

The market was called Fragment. List Telegram names for sale. Most of them are short and unique, like @dior, @chat, @delivery.

The first auctions on the blockchain platform opened on October 26. The site displays names reserved by the Telegram team. So far, the most expensive lot is @bank, currently priced at 63,000 TON, or around $119,000.

Sales on the market are made in the form of smart contracts. The minimum bid for the lot depends on the length of the name: if it has four letters, then the step is about 10 thousand TON (~$19 thousand), for long names the rate is 500 TON.

Pavel Durov spoke about the release of Telegram names reserved by cybersquatters at the end of August. At the same time, it became known about Durov’s plans to start selling unique Telegram names.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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