According to information released by the US government in a statement, a hacker Briton accused of fraud and conspiracy to launder money. According to the accusations, The boy was selling stolen information from user logins, drugs and other illegal products. dark web.

Criminal Daniel Kaye ran an illegal dark web marketplace known as The Real Deal. On the site, he sold different types of login credentials used to log into social networks and banks, as well as illegal hacking tools and illegal items such as drugs.

“This case is an example of our persistent commitment to working with our international partners to hold criminals accountable, no matter how sophisticated their cyber scam or geographic location,” said Atlanta FBI Officer Keri Farley.

Illegal Market and Dark Web

The Real Deal functioned as a kind of ‘Illegal Free Market’ where third-party sellers could set up their own stores to sell their products – in which users could also leave points about the seller. according to the information motherboardThe criminal, who created the site and continued his activities for a year, disappeared in 2016 with the arrest of other site administrators.

About seven years ago, Kaye was also responsible for shutting down Liberia’s internet for a few days, and in 2019 he settled the case in a London court. At that time, the hacker launched a series of cyber attacks against one of the telecommunications companies in the African country.

A similar situation occurs in 2013: The FBI shut down the Silk Road website and arrested the website’s founder, Ross William Ulbritch, known as “Dread Pirate Roberts”. Silk Road was a marketplace for illegal goods, mostly drugs, operating on the dark web – Ross was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Source: Tec Mundo

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