Researchers at the University of Chicago admit that there’s no possible reason for the strange new material’s phenomenon, but that hasn’t stopped them from making plans to use it in practice. The author of the discovery opens a black jiadze s, who some years ago in the course of creative experiments polylilylilylililililililililyl strength In it, molecules from a combination of gate, sulfur and nb formed chains interconnected by vrraprapeniya and at.

The structure of the material is ordered only conditionally, it resembles cVES. This fundamentally distinguishes its materials from conductors, like metals, where it is precisely the strict order that ensures the movement of particles through them by electrons. In theory 2, a new sheath material is presented, but it arises, the code of individual soybeans is replaced


Much more interesting is that the material turned out to be very plastic and resistant to all types of influences – moisture, temperature, oxidation in air, alkali detection, etc. It can be deployed, how to paint or spray on the surface, make flexible products from it, a noticeable knife

The material does not yet have a name – it is so amazing, its study is just beginning. The Chechens are hoping to make it into a 3d shape, pour a porous version, combine it with other inclusions and awake it. Compliance estimate.

Source: Tech Cult

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