AliExpress launched a sale in honor of the Bachelor’s Day, timed to coincide with November 11th. So far, only the first part is in the program, but something interesting can be caught right now: the most popular gadgets have really fallen in price.

You can pick up and not wait for maximum discounts. They just don’t mention the most interesting things that we traditionally publish in our Telegram channel.

1. Xiaomi Mi Band 7 fitness bracelet


The new generation of the most popular wearable fitness device in the world is now worth as much as the previous version.

For the sake of accurate measurements, a completely indestructible design and a large screen, you can even invest.

Price: 3777 2228 rub.

2. Mijia Electric Kettle


A simplified version of the first smart kettle on the market. There is no Bluetooth control, but the price is pleasant.

The design is the same: inside the flask is made of fair steel, outside – soft plastic, which does not burn. A very high quality item.

Price: 2001 1441 rub.

3. Quadcopter


The most advanced compact drone in the budget segment. Records great, flies long and far.

But what to say about that – there are no participants. Until recently, it was not even necessary to register it.

Price: 57794 30631 rub.

4. Quansheng walkie-talkie


A modified version of Baofeng’s development theory with improved hardware: extended frequency range, extended operating range.

Other usefulness remained in place – it is not afraid of water and falls, it works great in the cold and works like a clock.

Price: 2669 2082 rub.

5.Toocki charger


The most affordable Power Delivery charger up to 65W (using one USB-C or all ports at the same time).

Suitable for both smartphones (due to support for Quick Charge headphones) and laptops.

Price: 2668 1120 rub.

6. TV box X98


Compact stick set-top box (requires additional USB power) supporting all current enhanced formats up to 4K in H.265 or AV1.

Runs regular Android 11. Miniature joystick keyboard with gyroscope included.

Price: 3440 2477 rub.

7. RAX Trekking Shoes


Reliable sports shoes for hiking, long-term or everyday use.

Natural upper materials do not let water out, the membrane inside perfectly removes sweat, the branded sole captures excellent chain ability on any surface. What else is needed?

Price: 5673 3517 rub.

8. Baseus table lamp


Quality LED light without PWM and blue collision. Color settings approach natural discussion, which also brings comfort.

Suitable for both spot and area lighting. Yes, and in the video of the night light can work.

Price: 4289 2573 rub.

9. Hohem smartphone stabilizer


One of the most advanced gimbals for iOS and Android devices in the budget segment. Why do you need more?

This one holds any smartphone and action camcorder, can adjust the tilt, has a built-in tripod. And on active walking gives a smooth picture.

Price: 5338 2135 rub.

10. Radio-controlled constructor ZKZC


Original Chinese development to assemble the popular sci-fi movie project based on LEGO Technics parts.

Fully compatible with the original, except for the remote control – used a different encoding, although the seats and mechanics of the consequences.

Price: 4327 1298 rub.

11. Compact smartphone Cubot Pocket


A funny ultra-compact smartphone in the style of the deceased Vertu, but with a fairly modern stuffing. This will even fit in your wallet.

The current platform uses quite fast work. There is NFC, a bright IPS display and a 20-megapixel camera. The battery will last for a couple of days.

Price: 13349 7341 rub.

12. Bluetooth headphones 1more


The likely hit of the season: the new full-size headphones of the brand that “invented” Xiaomi hybrids, which have become a consumer of medical services for several years in a row.

The current model uses an excellent fit, multi-stage active noise cancellation, support for Hi-Res formats and decent sound of branded speakers. For fans of good sound, an absolute must-have.

Price: 8260 5903 rub.

13. Launcher 70may


An autumn-winter accessory vital for every motorist: the device allows you to play the engine of any car, including SUVs and SUVs weighing up to 3.5 tons.

Able to work with a special battery to charge a smartphone. And there is a flashlight!

Price: 6673 3136 rub.

14. Xiaomi camping lantern


Field flashlight-multitool with magnetic mount and side emergency two-color (red-white) lamp.

It can also work in a roller battery, give current up to 5V / 2A. Water and dust are not afraid.

Price: 2160 1598 rub.

15. Car DVR 70mai


A very popular registrar from the all-inclusive segment. Records FullHD day and night (there is also a parking mode), is equipped with a bright display, can broadcast the stream to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

GPS for determining coordinates is built-in. A nice touch – comes with a magnetic mount for quick disassembly.

Price: 10011 4805 rub.

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Source: Iphones RU

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