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This mouse folds like an origami and lies completely flat.


The pace of life we ​​currently lead, in which we are constantly moving from one place to another with the help of remote work, is forcing many companies to develop new products that adapt to these changes: less heavy and compact computers, ergonomic chairs, and now mouse able to lie perfectly still.

Yes, you read it right. This is an Air.o mouse, wireless mouse that folds like origami to be able to take it with you, and it takes less than, for example, a case for your glasses.

And this device is a Kickstarter project from Hong Kong designed in the form of normal sized mouse when installed (not as difficult as origami)and almost disappear in the bag in a flattened form.

Only with 40 gramsthe mouse adds so little weight to the movement system that it’s almost invisible.

During operation, the mouse takes the form design helmet, with a rounded front and an open fold along the palm. It is this crease that allows the Air.o to transform into a sleek 4.5mm panel. The small part of the mouse that houses the optical sensor and Bluetooth hardware extends 10 millimeters.

Squeezing the sides of the flattened device pulls it into the shape of a mouse, while a small but powerful magnet holds everything together. They claim they are dismantling Air.o are light For example, remove the magnet and click on the mouse to turn it into a geometric pancake.

According to Air.o, vegan leather device It will retain its texture and shape even after repeated use. It will withstand even the most ordinary drops to the surface.

This mouse folds like an origami and lies completely flat.

As with any other Kickstarter campaign, it is not known if Air.o will reach the bags and pockets of interested usersalthough this particular campaign far exceeded its fundraising goal and its website we linked to earlier is the culmination of good taste and a job well done.

It is also difficult to say what exactly light i.e. use Air.o for an extended period of time. And the fact is that the design of the mouse, although thoughtful, can be uncomfortable for some. However, at just $49 for a mouse, the Air.o seems to be worth a try. at least find out how useful it is.

Source: Computer Hoy

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