The National Consumers’ Association records a fourfold increase in the price on free market energy compared to 2021. Meanwhile, the price of oil other than olive oil is rising sharply (+56.1%). It’s getting harder and harder to find one food of the price not raised.

We ask the government of Meloni to postpone for only 2 months the end of the expiry date of the protected gas market, which is scheduled for January 1, 2023, and that it also intervenes in the electricity market, as it expires for micro-enterprises on January 1, 2023 At a time when prices are going crazy, it is necessary to maintain both the individual buyer’s and Arera’s roles in setting reference prices, a function which, as evidenced by the gap between the free and the protected, is fundamental.

Massimiliano Dona, President of the National Consumers’ Association

Here are the foods that registered the price increase:

Inflation rose 3.5% in just one month with a cost of life increased by 975 euros on an annual basis. (There are 107 euros for food and drink, 874 for housing, electricity and fuel). Over the course of the year, on the other hand, it rises dramatically to 3324 euros, 2016 for the house and 761 for food and drink.

Source: Lega Nerd

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