Tinkoff is launching an ecosystem for third-party payment services, Yandex Pay has already been added, the companies said.

Tinkoff announced the launch of an open ecosystem for payment services

Now Yandex Pay can be used on more than five thousand online platforms that accept payments through Tinkoff Kassa. The connection expands the possibilities of buyers for instant payment of goods and services.

According to Tinkoff Vice President and Tinkoff Cashier Sergey Khromov, many new payment solutions have recently entered the market, most of which operate within their own closed ecosystems.

Khromov emphasized that Tinkoff wants to offer users as many payment methods as possible, so integration with other payment services is possible in the future.

Yandex Pay works on all sites that use Tinkoff Kassa. You can add any card of Russian banks to the service, and the same refund will be credited for purchases.

In this case, stores do not have to separately set up the Yandex Pay connection, just specify a new payment method in your account, after which it will be added automatically.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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