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Microsoft Plans to Launch Cheap Windows PCs Backed by Ads and Subscriptions


Windows personal computers are becoming more affordable, the operating system microsoft what practically constitutes a part of our life, and what in the future cheap PCs can be launched that can be covered by subscriptions and ads ultimately be cost effective for manufacturers.

Advertising seems like it will never leave us, we will see it now on Netflix and in the future you can buy computers with Window cheaper than usual but have to endure certain subscriptions and even banner ads in some parts operating system.

In a global ecosystem where PC sales have been declining in recent years and much more work is moving to the cloud, manufacturers are looking at other alternatives to increase appetite for new PC purchases.

And the Microsoft idea, seen in various job postings, might be low-cost systems connected to the cloud but paid for with software subscriptions and ads.


Hidden features of Windows 11.

Now there are several job offers from Microsoft itself, in which they are mainly looking for different engineers from software become part of the Windows incubation group whose mission is to “creates a new direction for Windows in the cloud world“.

One can read that “The goal is to move Windows to a place that combines the benefits of the cloud and Microsoft 365 to provide more on-demand computing and create a hybrid app model that spans both on-premise and cloud solutions.“.

Inexpensive PC available by subscription and with ads.

These possible models include affordable PC available by subscriptionas well as based on ads that would appear in various applications or on the sites of the system.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen ads on operating systems like Windows 11 because Microsoft has already tested it both on the Start Menu and elsewhere, and back in March of last year, ads appeared momentarily in a test in file browser. .

It’s just an idea, a plan that may not materialize, but the idea that we can buy Windows PCs at a very low price simply because they have ads or subscriptions that we might be interested in can be attractive and increase sales. these types of devices.

Source: Computer Hoy

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