The unusual robot is one of the latest advances in robotics from the University of California aeroteses s s s His personal record for high jumps is 30 meters, which far exceeds his “live” jumping prototypes – grasshoppers, frogs, jerboas and other animals.

To make the robot jump, its engine winds a string-like wire inside itself, while two springy carbon fiber rims begin to compress. After reaching the maximum tension of the “bowstring”, the latch is activated, the mechanism releases the accumulated energy, and the robot “catapults” into the sky at a speed of about 100 km / h with an acceleration of 315 g.

And animals that move by jumping, muscles act, produce a linear motor, accumulating energy, to + Unlike them, robots have much more potential due to real motors. In particular, the ratio of the characteristics of the spring to the qigateyu is almost 100 p p p p p p

According to observations, jumping companies will find their use in mastering the panet and lower gravititrian – k to k For its distances, on the moon, the robot will shoot 125 meters into the distance and at a distance of 125 meters.

Source: Tech Cult

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