This wattpad It is the largest free global book publishing platform, connecting nearly 90 million users, including authors and readers. The brand is so impressive that the works created in the application have turned into huge successes around the world.

The intimacy offered united writers and the public, turning foreigners into great creators of successful works. From contracting major publishers to millions of views flowsCheck out the internationally successful games.

one. After thatby Anna Todd

Anna Todd has already crossed the 1 billion online reader mark. created After thatis a work that tells the story of Tessa, a shy girl with a good boyfriend who moves to a college dorm. There she meets Hardin, with whom she develops a passionate relationship. The success of the book gave it a movie.

two. kissing boothby Beth Reekles

The success of Beth Reekles with three Netflix movie adaptations, kissing booth (Kissing TentPortuguese) was a huge success wattpad. It tells the story of Elle, a girl in a love triangle involving her best friend’s brother.

3. from my windowby Ariana Godoy

from my window (in Portuguese, from my window) is another success of the book platform that won the adaptation for Netflix. Ariana Godoy’s work follows the coming together of the desire and love of neighbors with differences, Raquel and Ares, for one another.

4. BetBy Kimberly Joy Villanueva

With BetKimberly became famous wattpad. He sold the movie rights to his book, Just The Way You Are, available on Netflix. It tells the story of Drake, who fell in love with the nerd at school, after he made a bet that he could make her fall in love with him.

5. Dark Heroby Abigail Gibbs

Dark Hero It is a vampire themed fantasy book series. Written by British woman Abigail Gibbs, originally published under a pseudonym. After reaching 17 million readers, she signed a contract with publisher HarperCollins, where she edited the sequel.

6. Lost Childrenby Lilian Carmine

(Source: Wook/Reproduction)

Lilian is a successful Brazilian writer. wattpad. He created the series Lost ChildrenA trilogy of novels about girls, ghosts and forbidden love. Lilian thrived on the platform until her work was read 37 million times and caught the attention of Random House, which publishes her books.

7. Styclar Epicby Nikki Kelly

(Source: Adventures in YA Publishing/Reproduction)

British-born Nikki Kelly broke the one-million-reader record with her epic about vampires and angels. Styclar Epic. With the echoes of her work, Nikki received an invitation from Macmillan publishing house and started to have her books printed by the company as of 2014.

8. life is a witchby Brittany Geragotelis

(Source: BookTrust/Reproduction)

with the trilogy life is a witchBrittany Geragotelis gained fame and contract with Simon & Schuster. The story of the young witch, who tries to reconcile her popularity and love life while keeping her powers a secret, has reached a record of 19 million reads. wattpad.

9. Light as a Feather, Hard as Woodby Zoe Aarsen

(Source: Simon & Schuster/Reproduction)

light as a feather It was a series of relative successes on its platform. streaming Hulu was inspired by the trilogy created by Zoe Aarsen in 2013. The two-season plot followed the lives of five girls who have to deal with the supernatural consequences arising from an innocent game, “light as a feather, solid as wood”. .

Source: Tec Mundo

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