video editing app LumaFusionSuccess on iPhone, iPad and Macs is finally coming to systems Android and Chrome OS devices🇧🇷 The app was previously only available on the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet, via the Galaxy Store, but now it’s reaching the Play Store, Google’s official app store.

LumaFusion’s success is largely due to the solutions the app has created to simply allow advanced editing. It offers up to 12 editing tracks, six of which can be videos.

There are even pre-configured transition options available, but users can create their own media, import media from a variety of sources and other video tools. LumaFusion even offers a library of royalty-free content to use for edits, including music, sound effects, videos, and backgrounds.

The app’s success has been recognized by Apple itself, which awarded it “best iPad app of the year” in 2021 – but not all of these features come for free.

Editing app is not free

LumaFusion will cost $30 on Android, which is roughly R$156 at the current price. The folks at LumaTouch, the developer of the app, have set up a promotion for its debut, and the app will cost $20 during the early access period, a significant discount of over R$50.

LumaFusion in Brazil on Google Play price of 104.99 BRL🇧🇷 The value is practically the same as the version of the app available in the Galaxy Store for Samsung devices.

Source: Tec Mundo

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