Yandex.Music has begun testing content downloads by users of the service, the Kommersant newspaper reports, citing three sources in the music industry.

“Yandex” began testing the upload of user content in “Music”

The company is exploring the possibility of releasing music for the public, while all tracks will be checked for copyright infringement and flagged as user.

Yandex did not comment on this information.

One of the newspaper’s sources believes that Yandex wants to expand its music catalogue, which has shrunk as a result of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, by using user content.

The very ability to upload tracks to Yandex Music became available in 2017, but such recordings are not included in the general catalog.

Most music streaming services do not allow users to directly upload their tracks for the public to listen to. Among the well-known platforms, the exception is SoundCloud, which positions itself as a platform for independent artists.


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Source: RB

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