The owner of the V Lavka brand filed a lawsuit against Yandex companies for 100 million rubles. Yandex.Lavka is listed as one of the defendants, and the plaintiff intends to bring Rospatent to take on the case as a third party.

The owner of the V Lavka brand decided to sue Yandex for 100 million rubles.

Istochnik LLC filed a lawsuit against five companies controlled by Yandex, namely Yandex itself, Yandex.Lavka, Yandex.Ede, Party Food and Yandex.Taxi. Shopper’s drew attention to the appearance of the case card in the filing cabinet of the Moscow Arbitration Court. Yandex told the publication that they would defend their interests in court.

The essence of Istochnik’s claims against Yandex is not published, but the amount of the claim is known – 100 million rubles. The third party in the procedure, the plaintiff asks to involve Rospatent.

Two stores operate under the Vlavke brand in Moscow. Since 2018, they have been developed by the shareholders of the LavkaLavka online store, which has closed most of its outlets, clarifies Forbes.

Rospatent registered the trademark “In the store. Farm Food” in 2021. Yandex.Lavka was registered in 2020.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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