Twitter has temporarily terminated the sale of Twitter Blue subscriptions due to an increase in the number of fake accounts making provocative posts on behalf of famous personalities, according to The Washington Post.

Twitter has temporarily stopped selling verification badges

After acquiring the social network at the end of October, the American billionaire Elon Musk allowed users to buy a blue badge that confirms the authenticity of the account for 8 dollars a month. Initially, the entrepreneur suggested introducing a subscription fee of $20 per month.

However, already in the first email to Twitter employees, Musk asked to focus on identifying and combating fake “verified” accounts whose posts caused a stir on the social network.

In another message to employees, they announced the suspension of the sale of blue badges to “solve the problem of identity theft.”

This week, trolls have published resounding posts, after which some people and even companies have had to make denials.

Thus, the fake account of former US President George W. Bush wrote that he “misses the murders of Iraqis”, and the user of the fake page of the former head of the White House, Donald Trump, announced his support for the current US policy. leader Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

All services and companies related to relocation on a single map

After completing the deal to buy the company, Elon Musk announced large-scale layoffs and dissolved the board of directors within days. The businessman decided to take over as CEO. Co-founder Jack Dorsey managed to keep his 2.4% stake.


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